Tammurriata Workshop

What about “Tammurriata”?

It’s a popular dance from Campania, which refers both to a vast singing-instrumental repertoire and to a complex family of drum dances. It performed in the territory that includes the Casertano, the Circumvesuviana, the Agro Nocerino up to Amalfi Coast.

What about the workshop?

The workshop will be led by Maria Gerarda and Alessandro Arcella.
It will aim to disseminate the meaning of the Marian rite and cult that is the background to this dance.
Through specific sequences of steps, it will be understood the value that this dance has for the farmers who created it. Exercises will be developed aimed at internalizing the binary rhythm of the dance, the basic basses and the “voted” ones. The various types of tammurriate will be treated according to needs and requests.